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Take the lead to inspire and motivate the creative community by sharing the best of your stunning ideas, pioneering researches and intrsting experiences in technology, marketing, advertising, branding, iot, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart cities, privacy and cyber security, blockchain, and more...

G-WORD is where creative approaches start and last, by the beautiful minds of visionary thinkers from around the globe.

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Shape the future of technology when you reveal your latest products in a dy namic environment carefully costumed to meet your expectations.


Connect and get in touch with key decision makers from the Iraqi government , business leaders and entre preneurs to seek future collaborations.

Take the spotlights when you get coverage from more than; 100 media agencies.

Assess the public reactions to your products and carefully alter to get the maximum share of the Iraqi market.


Creativity is a policy that is carefully melted in every aspect of G-WORD from the innovative stage which is designed and shaped to allocate individuality to every show case, not to forget mentioning that the stage holds a vital place that will attract every visitor. The live media coverage is a factor that is considered with enterprise in our platform to include every broadcasting sector possible; moreover; a huge screens that will be placed in attraction areas will add imagination to your experience. As the technology is our theme everything is planned holding this value, your experienced will be enhanced with latest volume speakers to deliver your thoughts to all the attendees as smooth as possible. As experts in event organizations we believe that what makes an experience so unique is the population; therefore; a worldwide campaigns are planned to attract as many people possible. Register today to ensure your spot on our stage.

Message from the organizers

From the beginning, we envisioned general technology exhibition- Iraq to be the platform through which all the latest techs and innovations find their way through to our marketplace. As the technology is in continuous evolvement, we promise you that GTX-I will synchronize in order to boost the Iraqi technology market as far as possible. To fulfill our aims, we thought that the technologists must have a larger space in an environment that has been exclusively shaped to deliver their ideas to the largest crowd possible, therefore, G-WORD stage has been successfully included in GTX-I gem to be the right juncture for all the technologists. On behalf of all those who worked effortlessly hard to make GTX-I an annual conference and exhibition, we are very delighted to invite you to be part of our speaker delegates.