The Ministry of Communications (MoC) is the federal government ministry in charge of providing basic telecommunications services to the public, government, and businesses. The Ministry of Communications provides postal service to the general public and manages postal savings accounts. It also oversees the State Company for Internet Services and represents Iraq in international organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU)


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) is in charge of higher education and scientific research in the country, overseeing university operations and allocating budgets. It is also in charge of sponsoring Iraqi students studying at foreign universities. The Ministry is eager to implement quantitative and qualitative changes in Iraq's scientific, technical, and cultural processes. Furthermore, it directs scientific and research organizations to produce a new generation of scientists and scholars in order to make these organizations an active and influential force in the Iraqi community. The Ministry also wishes to strengthen scientific and cultural ties. Establishing friendly relations with other countries and scientific and academic institutions around the world in order to achieve harmony and integration in the fields of science and knowledge Each year, it has an official representing stand at GTX-I, as well as numerous participating universities and colleges in the exhibition and conference.



The Baghdad International Fair (Exhibitions and Convention Center) of the State Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services is a self-financed economic unit with moral personality as well as financial and administrative independence. It is the result of its merger with the State Company for Import and Export, as authorized by Council of Ministers Decision No. 152 in 2010. 12:05 The company is a forthmation of the Ministry of Trade. The company's headquarters are in Baghdad, and it has the authority to open centres both inside and outside of Iraq. The company's branches (Basra and Ninewa) organise import and export activities and services, hold specialised exhibitions in the province in collaboration with the headquarters and relevant authorities, and grant import and export licenses to government offices and the public, mixed, and private sectors. The following sections are included: